My Week in Frisco

This week, my wonderful job took me to Frisco, Texas (Northwest Dallas) for an internal training conference for our FAE's. I think it's pretty funny that I've barely travelled around Texas in the last 7 years, but in the last few weeks I have hit both Houston and Frisco. Bizarre! I seem to be on a tour of all the Texas cities. I guess San Antonio is next...

It has been a fun, tiring, stressful, fun week. It has been my first week presenting as a product marketer and that has posed some interesting challenges. I am no longer "one of the engineers" but instead I am in the evil "marketing group". Not that they were all horrible to me, but I definitely felt the difference between presenting as a marketer and presenting as an applications engineer.

I enjoyed meeting everyone and going out for all of the events each night. The co-ordinators organised some really cool things! Baseball on Tuesday night, then tonight we went to a cinema for the FAE awards presentation (Matrix-themed) and then to Martini Park for cocktails and dancing. There was a live band. We danced up a storm. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of really cool people.

So now I'm sitting in my hotel room at 2am, pretty tired, a little drunk, but feeling good. I am heading back to Austin tomorrow, to my gorgeous husband and Memorial Day long weekend, yee-haw! Kate and Tim are driving over from Houston, it will be a blast!

PS I tried a cucumber martini tonight. It was really good - melon vodka and cucumber essence, with a slice of cucumber on the side. Interesting taste, it was yummy!


Doing my bit for the environment

Finally I have a comeback for all those people who ask me when Gordon and I are going to have kids!

Children 'bad for planet'


This is awesome

Gordon was playing around this morning.