ACL 2007

Gordon & Amanda

Amanda, Kate & Tim

Last year we introduced our friends Shelley and Damien to ACL festival. This year it was Kate and Tim's turn! They drove over from Houston Friday night and we had a delicious sushi dinner at Uchi to celebrate their upcoming one year wedding anniversary (Oct. 6th). It was a fun evening.

Saturday we went to ACL festival. Probably got there a little bit too early (2pm) as it was very, very hot and we spent the next few hours trying to stay cool! I had my first shaved ice, which really hit the spot and cooled me down for a little while. We drifted between various stages in the afternoon, sat down and listened to Stephen Marley, which was quite relaxing and groovy. It was just hot hot hot!

Of course, the true reason for being there in the afternoon (other than people watching, hanging out, or catching your favourite band) is that you really appreciate the beautiful weather once the sun starts setting. It makes it worth being out there in the blistering sun, so as to enjoy the gentle cool breeze and beautiful sky as it rolls into evening.

We wandered on over to the AMD stage to see Arctic Monkey's but I must say I am not a huge fan of that stage. It is weirdly set up on a hill, and there are even more people with chairs hogging all the space and even putting chairs in a circle, ridiculous! So we decided to go over to the AT&T stage and catch the tail end of Damien Rice and then watch The Muse. I wasn't very familiar with the music of The Muse prior to their show (knew only one of their songs) but they really put on a great show. We stayed right through to the end and rocked out to the awesome music.

Of course, the real highlight of the day was just hanging out with Gordon, Kate and Tim, and enjoying the sights of the festival.


Things I am really bad at ...

Updating my blog and, apparently, relay exchanges.

I am a huge fan of the "skinny" lens that the photographer obviously used, I don't think I've ever looked so malnourished! You can also witness my terrible relay hand-off to Gordon, which was actually marginally better than my hand-off last year (thank goodness they didn't capture that one on film!).