So hopefully you've noticed the YouTube link on the sidebar of my blog. Perhaps you've even watched a few seconds. While I'm not going to be wowing Hollywood any time soon, and it wasn't rehearsed at all and there are moments when I cringe, I think it's pretty cool to have a video up on YouTube and I'm pretty excited to show off the product I have been working on these past six months. It was taken at my company's annual customer event in Orlando - no expense spared, private concert at Hard Rock Cafe with Barenaked Ladies, staying at the Ritz Carlton for four nights, open bar, catered surprisingly delicious food, awesome geeky badge that Gordon is now programming, and just a really fun event.

However, do I really sound like that?


IM back

Gordon sent me this cartoon strip on Friday. I thought it would be a fitting way to re-start this blog. Especially considering that I will be participating in "Australian Rules football in a washing machine" in slightly less than 3 weeks! It's a good thing my Dad is an Australian Rules football coach and that I grew up around football, learning how to use my elbows, etc. Good skills to have come July 20th in Lake Placid.

The training has been quite different this time around. To start with, I don't know of anyone else in Austin who is doing this race. Very different from the 30+ people that I went to Arizona with last year! So the training has been very solitary this time - I've had people to train with but never anyone doing my exact long ride and long run combination over the weekend, and no-one else to gauge my progress against. But I feel strong and ready and excited to do this race. Training through the heat, while very very tough, has only made me stronger, and I can't wait for cooler temperatures on race day! The very best part is that Gordon and Kate will both be in Lake Placid cheering me on! I can't wait.