Ready and raring to go!

So the car is loaded with bikes and gear and we're just about ready to set off on our journey to Lubbock! We were just able to fit all our gear into my little Ford Focus, unfortunately there's no backseat room for a nap post-race during the drive home... oh well!

We've got a long drive ahead of us, 7+ hours, but we have music, food and no doubt it's going to be a fun road trip. Neither of us have seen this part of Texas before so it will definitely be an adventure!

I hope to be able to update my blog while in Lubbock, if I can get a signal on my Blackberry... so stay tuned! If not, full race report and photos to be posted early next week.

Wish us both luck - me for the 70.3 and Gordon for the Tri-Raider!

Amanda xxx

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Geek Girl said...

I hope you did well! Here's some other blogs of people that were at that race: TriGreyhound, Clydeologist, Dreadpiraterackham, and Athenadiaries.