August in Texas...

I normally love August - some of my favourite people were born in August (Mum, Dad, Julie, Paul). But this year August is becoming a little hard to take... it's been over 100F for 14 days out of the last 18, the other 3 days were 99F and today it's supposed to hit 104F! No relief in sight either. Weather predictions are 100+ for the next 10 days. It's certainly made working out tough this week, we've still done it (72 miles on the bike, 4.25 miles running), but I would have to say that it has definitely taken its toll. I feel pretty tired and un-enthusiastic today. Which definitely means that today needs to be an exercise-free day!

Speaking of warm weather patterns, when I spoke to Mum and Dad earlier this week, they said it has been unseasonably warm in Adelaide, which is currently in its winter season.

Seems like it's hot everywhere.

Okay, I'll stop whingeing now :)


Sheri said...

I'm glad someone else has had enough of the heat! Usually I don't mind the heat but this year I am so ready for cooler weather!

Glad to see you beat Gordon at the time trial! (sorry Gordon) Only a few more weeks until the true test at Jacks Generic!

MikeW said...

If you say 'Mum' for MOM, why wouldn't you say 'Daahd' for DAD?!?!?

Mike said...

I love the heat!