September goal... check

I did it! I did 10 regular push-ups today, followed by 9 more. Woo-hoo, I did it!

I'm surprised how quickly it took to build up the strength. So now I think I might revise my goal to be two sets of 15 regular push-ups by Friday 29th September... then I'm going to prove it to my Dad when we're in Australia the following week. I'm sure he'll tell me that it's not good enough and that I need to do two sets of 20 :)

Tickets to the gun show now on sale! :)


Gordon said...

Woohoo - beat me to my goal, though I'm still hovering around it!

191 today

MikeW said...

you did 191 push ups today?

i don't think i can do 20% of that.

Gordon said...