A Christmas Run

Gordon and I were supposed to do our 15 mile long run on Christmas Eve, but when we woke up Sunday morning it was raining and very cold. Running for 2.5hrs in cold, rainy weather would not have been fun! So, we decided that we would attempt to do it Christmas Day instead. Christmas Day when we woke up it was still raining and windy, but we decided that we just had to get up and start running anyway. We decided we'd try and do at least 1hr. All part of the mental training required for the Ironman. So we started the run, it was windy, cold and raining! There was barely a soul out there on the roads, apart from the odd car every now and again (I do wonder what those people must have thought seeing us running in the cold and rain on Christmas morning!). But after about an hour the weather started to get better and we decided to keep running... we ended up running for a little over 2 hours, not bad for Christmas morning!

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