IMAZ Week 22: Bringing back the mental game

22 weeks down. 2 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!

I am doing an Ironman in less than two weeks. Where did the time go?! It feels like just yesterday I was gearing up for my first cold weather ride and showing up to the group rides/swims/runs all shy and not knowing anyone. Now it's hot weather rides and runs, and everyone is teasing each other like we've known each other for years! We've become our own little triathlon family. I feel sad already that it will all be over in two weeks and we will all be moving on to different things. But first we get to do an Ironman and hang out in Arizona together and have so much fun it's going to be ridiculous.

Anyway, so week 22 was another taper week. Not much to report. We're all slacking off, taking it easy, eating too much, drinking too much and getting fat. Or that could just be me :) I finally had my first good run in about 3 weeks - this happened at 6pm Saturday evening. Kind of a weird time to be running, but good for getting used to the heat. I stuck with the run/walk routine and I actually felt pretty good! Now I just need to get myself mentally back on track. For the past few weeks I've been referring to myself as "injured" and every time someone asks me how my training is going I talk about my "injury". It sounds a little obsessive and far too self-indulgent, and quite frankly I am sick of talking about it, hearing myself talk about it, and seeing the look of boredom on peoples faces as I talk about it...

Last week I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, and I did with the exception of a couple of minor relapses. But from now on, not only am I not feeling sorry for myself but I am officially no longer injured. I am 100% healthy and fit and ready to do this Ironman. Nothing is going to stop me!

Now I just need to work on my song.

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Kate said...

way to go sis!