T-11 hours

I'm sitting in my hotel room watching a movie, Gordon is lying by my side listening to music and relaxing. I'm feeling contemplative and pretty calm. I was feeling much more nervous earlier this afternoon and yes I have welled up a few times already. But a phone call to Mum, Dad and Kate got rid of the tears and calmed me down immensely.

Having a blog is great, and having my blackberry is good too! I just re-read my "Journey to the start line ..." blog to remind me, again, why I am doing this and how hard I have worked to get here. It was exactly what I needed to read.

I just stepped outside. The weather is cooling down, twilight is upon us, and in roughly 24 hours I hope to finish my first Ironman!
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MikeW said...

Best of luck to the two of you!!

Kate said...

I know this doesn't fit into the right section of your blog, but I just watched you and G finish your Ironman all the way from Melbourne and I couldn't resist typing up a comment. We're so proud of you both! Well done!