Eeek, I'm 30!

So I turned 30 yesterday. I'm really excited about it! At least, I'm excited right now. Maybe the shock still needs to wear off? Anyway, so it was a really great weekend. Because of the time zone difference, I tend to have an extended birthday. So the celebrations started on Saturday and Gordon took me out for dinner to
. We did the 5 course chef tasting menu with wine pairings. It was delicious! Highly, highly recommend it, and we'll definitely be going back again. Sunday it was an early start followed by a short (30mi) bike ride, which consisted of some hill sprint races between Gordon and myself. Now that was fun! Then we went home, chilled out, had lunch, and headed out to Opal Divine's for some birthday drinks with friends. It was a great turnout. I feel very lucky to have so many good friends here in Austin. It was a great afternoon to sit back and have a few drinks and enjoy the warm (hot!) Austin weather. Sunday night I got to chat to Mum & Dad, and Kate, and that just topped off my day perfectly! Gordon took a few photos.

Amanda xxx

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Gordon said...

That's http://www.pbase.com/gordonmcgregor/amanda30 for the photos. Happy Birthday!