No rain in Seattle

Well, I'm currently in Seattle on a business trip. It's not raining! Although it is quite cool and is only in the low 70's. I'm feeling a bit cold, coming from the heat of Texas! I didn't manage to run this morning due to work commitments, but I'm hoping to get a run in tomorrow morning. Apparently there's a really nice trail just by the hotel that extends for several miles so I should be able to get a decent run in.

The funniest thing happened at Austin airport yesterday. I was sitting in the departure lounge waiting for my flight to Dallas. I noticed someone sit down next to me, but didn't look up at them (I was happy just reading my book and ignoring the world). About half an hour later I hear "Amanda!". I turned next to me and saw that I had been sitting next to Marla for the past 30 minutes and neither of us had realised until just now. Hilarious!

Time to sign off and enjoy my hot chocolate and read my book...

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