Well, it has been quite a weekend! Busy, but really really good. We did a couple of hard workouts - 13 mile long run Saturday morning with some easy swimming at Barton Springs afterwards, 3hr ride plus 30min transition run on Sunday morning. The workouts went great. The long run was tough for the last mile, but other than that felt good. The brick today felt great!!! So now I feel all psyched and ready to do Buffalo Springs... and now I get to start tapering! We also did a few other fun things on the weekend - saw XMEN-3 yesterday afternoon, went out for sushi, did a bit of furniture shopping, went out for lunch today, and Gordon topped off the weekend by cooking a delicious shrimp risotto, yum!

I start off my taper with a business trip to Seattle for the next couple of days. Should be a good trip! Then I'm back on Wednesday night ready for an easy couple of days before my birthday weekend :)

Oh, and I got my first birthday present from Gordon yesterday - a carbon fiber wallet. It is SO cool!!!

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