Great weekend

This weekend was really great. Friday night we went out to Uchi for sushi - had about a one hour wait so we sat outside with a drink and relaxed and caught up with each other. It had been a busy week and we hadn't seen each other that much! Then we had awesome sushi. Yum. Saturday morning we were supposed to get up and go for a run, but when our alarm went off at 5am it was bucketing down with rain and there was lightning and thunder, so we switched our alarm off and went back to sleep. It was great!!! Saturday afternoon was my day out at Lake Austin Spa and that was just brilliant. I got scrubbed and steamed and rinsed and pedicured. Felt so relaxed afterwards. Then I got home and Gordon had finished all the chores around the house and prepared a 3-course dinner for me - complete with a printed menu at the beautifully set table and some red wine breathing in the decanter. It was amazing!!! He is amazing :) So we had a great dinner and watched a cheesie movie (Casanova).

Sunday morning we got another lie in - this was just great and really appreciated because with all the training we've been doing we never get to sleep in on the weekend. So two days in a row was just too good to be true. Then we got up, had a lazy breakfast and met some friends downtown to watch the Australia vs. Brasil world cup soccer game. Now, although Australia lost, it was a really good game and I was proud of how well our boys played. Hopefully they will beat Croatia on Thursday and will make it through to the next round! Post-soccer we went out for lunch to a great little Italian restaurant in the new 2nd street district. Then we came home and went for a bike ride in the 100 degree heat, it was very hot! Now we're just chilling out at home, relaxing before the start of the week. We're off to Lubbock on Friday, so it's going to be a short week and probably a bit of a nervous week for me!

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