I have the most awesome husband in the world!

I couldn't resist posting this to my blog. I've been having a tough week - very busy at work, lots of things going on in the evening, and I'm just feeling really tired and burned out. Big reason is because I've started tapering for my race on June 25th so my body is going into super-recovery mode and is hating me :) Plus it's been hot hot hot this week. Then I get to work this morning and there's this amazing evite email in my inbox. Nearly brought tears to my eyes!

Amanda's Day Off
Host: Gordon McGregor
Location: Home
9305 Manipari Lane, Austin, TX
When: Saturday, June 17, 1:00pm
So here's the deal. You still have to do your run on the Saturday morning. Then you are booking yourself in to Lake Austin Spa for the half day package. Off you go, get pampered, have fun. You've earned it.

I'll do the washing and clear the laundry pile out. Take my car. I'll wash yours while you are out.

Come home, I'm making you a healthy, slap up 3 course dinner. Relax. Chill out. Enjoy. Sink in to the fresh sheets. Then wake up late, stroll down to Fado's and watch Australia beat Brazil.

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