Random thoughts for today

I can't believe my little sister is getting married in 9 weeks! Which also means that I'll be back in Australia in 9 weeks, woo-hoo! I feel a bit lucky that I get to have two trips home this year.

My legs feel quite tired today. I've been resting up a bit this week, in preparation for my sprint triathlon on Saturday morning and the metric century ride up in San Angelo on Sunday. So my legs are feeling a little achy/tired. I hope they'll be raring to go by Saturday!

Blues on the Green was fun, as usual, last night. I must say that I think I finally have the picnic organization down to a fine art! The first night I showed up I had an esky, a soft-sided esky, and one other bag. Last night I just had the soft-sided esky! My only failure was the frozen water bottles that never de-frosted. Oh well... nothing is perfect, even me :) (I know that might come as quite a shock to some of you)

I'm off swimming tonight, looks like it's still pretty warm outside (100F / 37C) so it should be great weather for a swim. Hopefully Maurice and Chrissie won't work us too hard!

I'm hungry. I've been snacking all day but I'm still hungry and I won't get to have dinner until about 8:45pm tonight!

That's about it.

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