no Blues on the Green!

So they postponed Blues on the Green last night, due to fears of inclement weather. It turned out to be a gorgeous evening too! Bah. We had quite a contingent prepared to feast on delicious food and listen to good music last night... until our plans got changed. The usual suspects (Gordon, myself, Mike, +Paul, -Nedra) went for our trail run on the greenbelt and then soaked in Barton Springs afterwards. Then we all decided to go out for some food considering it was such a beautiful evening! We also met up with Sheri and Jeff (who didn't know that Blues was cancelled...) and went to Austin Java and sat outside and had a great time. At least they didn't cancel the show - it's postponed until next week, so we'll definitely try and be there.

Today it's a bit cooler in Austin. Only 87 degrees, woo hoo! A relative cold front! I'm off for my bike coaching tonight, we're doing sprints on the Veloway / South MoPac area. Should be, urm, fun? Hopefully my right foot will hold up, it's been a little sore from all this running last week (and silly me wore high heels to work today, which are currently kicked off underneath my desk!).

On that note, better get back to it...

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Mike said...

That was a very righteous sunset they missed too...all because they were scared of some rain that never came!

Glad to find another blog to read and another big fan of Blues on the Green...last one next week!