Marble Falls Triathlon

This morning we got up super early to drive out to Marble Falls for a triathlon. It was an international distance triathlon: 1km swim, 23mi bike, 4.4mi run. Marble Falls is located in the hill country... which means lots of nice hills on the bike! It's actually not that far from Austin, only about a 45 minute drive. We got there about 5:45am, so plenty of time for Gordon to get setup before his wave went off at 7am. I decided to sit this one out and instead I volunteered to try my hand at taking some race photos and have fun cheering for my husband!

It was a lot of fun taking photos, even if my in-focus to out-of-focus ratio was only 1:4! I also spent a lot of time scouting locations and taking photos of the other racers as practise. It was a good way to enjoy the race - I got to cheer for Gordon as well as have some fun taking photos. You can check out the photos at: www.pbase.com/gordonmcgregor/marblefalls06

The next race on the schedule is the "Blanco Outback Triathlon" on August 5th. This time I will be racing and Gordon will be taking photos!

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