I'm baaack!

I know, I know, I haven't posted for ages... but I have a good excuse. I was in Australia on holiday for the past couple of weeks! Yes, I had access to a computer, and yes, I could have blogged, but it was rather nice to have a couple of weeks away from a computer.

The trip was fantastic. I had such a great time. Most of it was spent with the family preparing for, and then attending, my sister's wedding. The wedding was just gorgeous - beautiful weather, beautiful location, beautiful ceremony, a beautiful couple, and just a fantastic day all around. It was a Friday lunchtime ceremony and afternoon reception, then we all went out in the city Friday night to continue the celebrations (even Kate and Tim joined us!). After the wedding we spent a couple of days in Clare Valley with Paul and Julie, doing some wine tasting and a lot of relaxing. We bought some yummy wine but we won't be able to drink it until next time we visit Australia... but at least it will have a chance to age and therefore taste even better!

I'm feeling a little homesick at the moment. I always feel this way after leaving Australia. I hate saying goodbye! Especially to my family and close friends Paul and Julie (who I've known for so long that they feel like family!). But that is how it will be for a while until we bite the bullet and decide to move to Australia...

I'll post a link to some photos just as soon as Gordon has them ready for viewing!


MikeW said...

Welcome home!
; )

LoneStarCrank said...

Buying wine and leaving it behind... that's torture. At least you have the promise of good vino, good friends, and good times to return to when you go back.

Better make sure your stock is under lock and key while you're away.

Amanda said...

Well, the wine is under my Dad's lock and key. We've only lost 1 bottle in 3 years :)