Saturday afternoon with Gordon

Saturday morning Gordon and I ran 17 miles in warmer than usual weather. We were both pretty wiped out after the run. But instead of lazing around at home Saturday afternoon (like we I really wanted to do) instead I got dressed up in my new party dress and we went to Laguna Gloria to take some photos.

I volunteered to run across the grass, spin around and smile for the camera. It was so much fun! The weather was gorgeous, I surprisingly didn't hurt too much (I think the running/spinning actually helped!), and it was just fun to spend time with Gordon. He also took some close-up shots which I'll post when they're ready. I love the Nike Frees touch :) and my feet felt so good!

Afterwards we strolled through the adjacent Mayfied Park and looked at the peacocks and just chatted and hung out. It was the most lovely afternoon, fantastic company, and just so peaceful wandering around the gardens.

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MikeW said...

I drank 6 margaritas on Sunday afernoon from plastic cups. it was perfection!