Weekly training summary: Wk7 of Longhorn

This week was week 7 of the training schedule for the upcoming Longhorn half-ironman. The race will be held on Sunday October 7th. It's a 1.2mi swim, 56mi bike ride, 13.1mi run.

So what happened to the first six weeks of the training schedule? Well, a few bits of training here and there but nothing very structured and so I find myself a little bit behind the training plan. But no worries. I'm not trying to win Longhorn, just want to use it as a way to keep training and keep my fitness level high so that I can cruise into Ironman training in Dec/Jan with a much higher base fitness than when I started Ironman training last November.

This week was my first real week of training since Arizona - I actually hit 8.5hrs! For the past couple of months I had been hovering around 4-5hrs per week and just trying to aim for consistency. This week I stepped it up and started working out according to the training schedule. Although, I did skip the 1hr ride + 7mi run this morning, in favour of a 3.3km swim, as I am feeling a slight hint of soreness in my right arch. If you recall, this is what I first started feeling during Arizona training prior to developing a bad case of shin splints. So, with the benefit of hindsight, I stayed off my feet and swum this morning and I plan to visit Performance Wellness this week (if they can fit me in!) and get working on some strengthening exercises.

Highlights of the week:
- Wed. night track workout in 100F heat!
- Tough spin class plus post-spin yoga on Thursday night.
- Awesome hilly ride on Saturday (Fitzhugh).

Hours this week:
Swim - 2h
Bike - 4.5h
Run - 1h
Core - 1h

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