Update on attack of the Ponzu

Last week Gordon and I decided to go to Uchi for dinner. It is one of our favourite sushi restaurants in town. Expensive, but the food is delicious. We enjoyed a cocktail out on the patio in the lovely evening weather and caught up on our day, then about an hour later sauntered into the restaurant, ordered some green tea and some food. We had a delicious seaweed and cucumber salad, then some oak smoked escolar. It was really good.

Then the waiter brought out our two pieces of shrimp tempura with ponzu sauce in a ramikin. Here is where it all went south, literally! Instead of asking the couple with the baby who had stopped at the adjacent table to chat and who were oblivious to the fact that they were in the way, decided to do a shimmy around them, and of course as the plate made its way down to the table, the ramikin decided to slide off and douse me with ponzu sauce! All over my brand new blouse, eeek, but thankfully not all over my white jeans (I never wear white jeans because I'm normally too messy!).

Anyway, the waiter was obviously sorry and apologized several times, the manager also came out and made sure I knew that they would take care of the dry-cleaning cost. I also made sure to check that if for some reason the dry-cleaning didn't fix it, that they would reimburse me for my brand new blouse.
I was a little surprised that they didn't offer a round of drinks or some kind of discount on the bill which I would be expecting in this type of situation.

I took the blouse to the dry-cleaners but they were unfortunately unable to remove the stains. So I sent off an email to the manager today requesting compensation for the blouse and the dry-cleaning. She replied back within 3 hours and said that the check has already been filled out and is ready for me to pick up. I was very impressed with the speed of response and the overall outcome of the situation.

I would go back. Maybe not order the tempura next time though!

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