I was awesome.

Torrential downpour the entire day almost broke my spirit by the end of the bike. But I collected myself in T2, changed into dry clothes, thought about everyone cheering me on, and just couldn't utter the words "I'm done, I can't continue". So I put on my running shoes and headed back out into the rain for my marathon and that Ironman finish line.

It took my second Ironman to hear the words, but this time I heard them. "Amanda McGregor, you are an Ironman!".

That makes two for two. It was a completely different experience the second time. Different thoughts going through my head and I had to dig deeper to motivate myself to keep going, but I did and I finished and I had many moments out there that I truly enjoyed.

Thanks Gordon, Kate and Andy. I know it was a long, rainy day for you too, but seeing you out on the course kept my spirits high and drove me on to that finish line. Thank you.


Mark said...

Congrats, you are a two time Ironman. Great, great job on a tough day.

MW said...

One can only train and be ready for the race, and then take what the weather gives you. That is THE one and only thing one cannot control. You fought through and finished the goal you set out to do. I can't imagine how tough it was to be out there so long in that rain. I applaud you for your effort! Congratulations, Amanda! You are FANTASTIC!

shubbe said...

I know I said it a billion times last night, but congratulations! That was a tough course and ridiculous conditions, and you didn't let it kick your butt. And you looked fantastic at the end. And I can't believe it's raining again today.

MW said...

Ummm... I know you probably don't want to ever see rain again, but could you.. maybe... ummm.. box a few drops up... and bring them back with you? My lime tree is REALLY thirsty for some sky water.
; )

Unknown said...

Amanda, you were incredible!! way to go. It was fun keeping up with your progress throughout the day. That picture of you and the post are so touching. I am very proud of you!! Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Helioz Photography, Yves Vandervennet said...

Congratulations !! Finishing is the reward to your workouts.
Super job !
Yves y la familia