My absolute favourite restaurant in Austin, tie me kangaroo hands down, would have to be Uchi, an uber-delicious sushi restaurant in Austin. I just asked Gordon to go and look at his Visa card statement to see how many times we've been there! Seriously it has been a lot. Somewhere in the vicinity of 20-30 times, ahem, in the past year. My favourite clothing store in Austin (By George) were the ones that got me hooked. At the end of summer last year they were doing a promotion where whenever you spent $250 or more you would get a $25 Uchi voucher. So needless to say we ended up with a handful of vouchers. But that's not the reason we kept going back. The food is fabulous and I love that you can order as much or as little as you want. The location is great, the funky old house that is the restaurant is charming and quaint. The barman knows us, the valet guy knows us, the waitstaff knows us. It's kind of nice to have a "local" restaurant, just like you'd have a "local" pub. It feels nice.


MikeW said...

next time you go, call me, please!

Amanda said...

Okay, will do!